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Introducing Francoise Arrey

Full of Grace and Faith

In 2016, a certain apostle prophesied to Francoise that she had an astonishing talent for music, and the heavenly spirit of her songs cause many astounding miracles. Despite this, Francoise never believed that she would become a gospel artist until one morning near the end of 2019. After her regular morning devotion, she tried to put away her Bible. But every time she tried, it would suddenly fall to the floor and lay open at Isaiah 43. She soon felt as if she could hear someone singing "he knows my name," but no one else was left in the house but her. So Francoise proceeded to read Isaiah 43 and the remainder of the song burst from her lips and she found herself on the floor crying and singing. She recorded the song on her cell phone and sent it to her husband and children. Since then, the song has been a household sensation but she did not share it with anyone until she got more revelations like this first one. The songs repeatedly jumped into her spirit when studying the bible, driving, and even doing house chores. Then she was sure that her songs are truly from heaven so she had to publish them so that the world can be blessed.

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